Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Left-hand Path

Left-hand Path (LHP) is a phrase used to describe some alternative religious movements and religious practices involving the supernatural. LHP movements are selfish, involve self development and self analysis instead of contemplation and prayer, self empowerment for material purposes instead of spiritual ones. The focus is always on individualism, freethought, intelligence and personal abilities and gifts. Practitioners of Thelemic Magic and Chaos Magic (championed by Aleister Crowley and Austin Spare respectively) often refer to themselves as being on the Left-hand Path, and Satanism is one of the few Left-hand Path religions. Many LHP groups have pushed past the limits of acceptable behaviour. The LHP is contrasted with the Right-hand Path (RHP), the path of the disciple, which upholds symbols of God, goodness, selflessness, sacrifice and invariably the Light of Christ.

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