Wednesday, 31 October 2018

"You will betray Me — one who is eating with Me." (Mark 14: 18)

We need to be aware of the evil surrounding us, lest we remain unprotected when an emissary of that darkness strikes. An example of one such unprovoked strike from an unexpected source follows. Since their betrayal, they have quit England to live in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, having previously resided in Basildon, Essex, UK. Questions remain unanswered since they chose to take a path of darkness. All that is certain is that they tried to harm people who had only showed them kindness, and their motives remain hidden in the darkness of the absurd.

"They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves." (Matthew 7: 15)

Beverley Mason and her husband Kevin Chesham (seated at their host's table in these images) attended a private Christmas dinner on 26 December 2007. It was not unusual for people I have encountered down the years to be guests at my table. Indeed, I hold several Christmas occasions for friends, acquaintances and others each year throughout the Advent and Christmas period. The attendees know one another as a general rule. However, this would be the last time I was in the company of Beverley Mason and her husband Kevin Chesham. We chatted and, following the Christmas repast, drank coffee, or, at least, tried to. The couple were unusually reticent. At this point Beverley Mason said she wanted to be excused, but adamantly refused to use the downstairs lavatory, as she had always done on previous occasions, and headed off for one on the first floor.

"I say to you, one of you shall betray Me." (John 13: 21)

While absent from those on the ground floor, Beverley Mason set about going through my private belongings, using her camera to photograph anything thought by her to serve her purpose. She focused on my modest collection of memorabilia, much of which I have kept from schooldays and early teenage years. These were stored in an antechamber along with books I had been given by various people, but hadn't had time to read. When she returned downstairs, it would not be long before she and her husband made their excuses and departed. Time passed and nothing was heard from either of them. Then it became apparent that they had established contact with a certain David Farrant. This was initially denied when approached via Facebook (private messenger), but neither of them had bargained with their new acquaintance spilling the beans on the internet, keeping the viewing public informed about any progress he made with his "good friends, Kev and Bev."

The bond with David Farrant and his "new friends" continued to grow, and, using the pseudonym "Raggety," Beverley Mason created a malicious blog in 2013 on which incitements of hatred were made against me and mine. The defamation published on it could have come straight from Farrant himself. I suspect much of it did. The following year she was busy giving Farrant five star reviews for his self-published pamphlets, booklets and sundry publications crammed with libel, misrepresentation and copyright infringement — all distributed from his bed-sitting room in London.

Quite what made the couple seek to cause me, and others close to me, harm by making a pact with a self-proclaimed Luciferian is difficult for anyone to comprehend, especially as it came after a loose acquaintanceship of many years with the Beverley Mason and Kevin Chesham. Yet it underscores how easily those one thinks one knows are capable of betrayal. Others have said that the couple were always heading the wrong way, but, until my trust is violated, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. They had always claimed to be with me when, in fact, they were latterly against me. Only Beverley Mason and her husband know why they turned so dramatically towards their own shadow, and away from truth and light ... because I do not believe they were always on the Left-hand Path.

There were people I met in the 1970s who were on the dark side, Farrant included, and I wrote about some of these encounters and experiences in at least two of my books, which, ironically, Beverley Mason and her husband read. David Farrant I found to be a pathetic creature, incapable of telling the truth, which makes their betrayal even more bizarre. I found he always attempted to contrive an infamous persona where necromantic diabolism quickly overshadowed his earlier attempts to mimic something more benign. He then adopted a phoney form of witchcraft where he manufactured satanic stunts for the benefit of the press. These cost him his liberty with him ending up being sentenced to a term of imprisonment. Though similar publicity stunts ensued upon his release from prison, he would never again catch the attention of the media in the same way that he did prior to and during his notorious "witchcraft" trials at the Old Bailey in 1974. His notoriety nonetheless continues to attract those who are often life's failures, individuals who are more than willing to turn to the dark side.

Farrant stated in a Penthouse magazine article: "Satanists worship Lucifer, the supreme power of evil, whereas witchcraft is a neutral thing — it's only evil if practised for an evil purpose." Like several of his Luciferian acquaintances, Jean-Paul Bourre amongst them, Farrant describes himself as someone who “accepts Lucifer as an important deity” and that he“worships Lucifer.” His words can be heard on The Devil’s Fool CD which comprises thirty-two interview extracts from as many years of this man's infamous career. Farrant has a history of waging vendettas, sending black magic curses to people, issuing satanic death threats, mailing menacing missives and goodness knows what else to people he decides to attempt to involve in his shenanigans. Quite why I merit so much attention is impossible to gauge until one factors in the demoniacal aspect. My personal assessment is that he has opened himself up to demonic possession via his worship of Lucifer and attempts to summon supernatural forces about which he knows little and understands even less. In a video made for French television in 1985, he can be heard uttering "Hail Lord Lucifer" during a ritual held in his attic bedsitting-room. It can be heard 3 minutes and 20 seconds into the video (click on images to view).

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